Simple but highly effective universal concepts and strategies

“Thank you for being such an inspiring and dedicated mentor, for introducing us to these simple but highly effective universal concepts and strategies that really do work! Ron and I have tried to stick with it as much as possible, weaving the language of the virtues into our daily life at home and it’s wonderful to start seeing the positive effects. We focus on acknowledging virtues when we see them, setting boundaries and setting him up for success as well as spiritual companioning. For the last 6 months at bedtime we ‘talk about the day’ and select 3 virtues he has shown – he won’t go to bed without it! Now, he has also started to recognise the virtues eg. instead of telling him, “Remember when Shaan dropped his toy and you handed it back to him, that was very caring of you” , I now ask him what virtue he showed in that moment. I’d say 7/10 times he gets it right! I remember you asked us to share our stories with you, so here are a few that have made our hearts smile: We had lots of family staying with us over the festive period and all went out for dinner one evening. We were seated outside, I was feeding the baby and my helper was was cooling Romir’s pizza down when he said, ” Tita (our helper), you have to eat your dinner responsibly, with good table manners or else the birds will come and eat it.” (Good table manners is something we’ve really been working on!) I was taking the kids out one afternoon and just before driving out of the condo I realised I’d forgotten something up in our apartment. So I asked Ron to come and watch them in the car for a moment. When I returned he told me that Romi had said ” Papa, we have to be patient while Mama gets her wallet.” Both kids were unwell last week, and as I handed Romi a tissue for his runny nose he said, “Thanks Mama, that was very considerate of you” These are only little things I know, but to us they are huge! Time passes so fast, Romir is now 2 and a half and Shaan is almost 8 months. Every day brings with it new challenges and it’s hard to get it right all the time, but we find his little comments so encouraging that it gives us fuel and feedback that we’re on the right path!” Many thanks once again and we hope to see you soon!”


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