Simple but highly effective universal concepts and strategies

“Thank you for being such an inspiring and dedicated mentor, for introducing us to these simple but highly effective universal concepts and strategies that really do work! Ron and I have tried to stick with it as much as possible, weaving the language of the virtues into our daily life at home and it’s wonderful to start seeing the positive effects. We focus on acknowledging virtues when we see them, setting boundaries and setting him up for success as well as spiritual companioning. For the last 6 months at bedtime we ‘talk about the day’ and select 3 virtues he has shown – he won’t go to bed without it! Now, he has also started to recognise the virtues eg. instead of telling him, “Remember … Read More

A gift to me in my profession and personal life

“As an educator, the main benefit of the VP is that it identifies specific skills and strategies that need to be practiced in order to grow in that trait. This allows for us to use positive language to reinforce and practice behaviours that would enable us to learn and grow. Since the language within the VP is presented with such clarity, even abstract concepts like honor and compassion become tangible and a behaviour that we can aspire to. The gifts of character no longer seem vauge and distant or as something that comes more naturally to some compared to others. Through the VP, these gifts of character become skills that we can all work towards for a better life. My students and I have created … Read More

The most significant self development course I have done

“If I had to single out the most significant self development course I have undergone, it would be the Virtues Project course. It has helped me begin my journey of spiritual development and I can see it’s positive impact on my relationships within the family as well as with my students. I believe this has happened as The Virtues Project helped me to shift my focus from “what is” to “what can be”, from the “negative” to the “positive” in myself and in others.” The Virtues Project has helped me in the most trying moments as a teacher and a parent, to shift focus from “what is” to “what can be” from the “negative” to the “positive” in myself and in others. I can see … Read More

I strongly recommend this course to everyone

“ I strongly recommend this course to everyone (not only those who have children). Quite often, people go to parenting classes because they want to learn how to set boundaries and discipline their children in an effective (and yet loving way)… and these methods are often challenged as the children pick up on the parent’s inconsistencies, hypocrisies or contradictions over time (it’s unavoidable, no parent is as perfect as they want their children to be)… The virtues course actually teaches us (via a new language/ thought process and also via some very helpful tips) how to enforce authority by getting the children enthusiastic about perfecting core values through their everyday routine … and it’s great to see the child take pride when they notice that … Read More

Brings us all together

“The virtues project allows teachers to develop relationships, through the the rich common vocabulary, with all children in the school. It acts as a pillar to our our thoughts, plans, interactions and lessons and brings us all together.” Emma Coleman Upper Elementary School coordinator

A wonderful and inspiring way to parent

“Loved the Virtues Parenting workshop it’s such a wonderful and inspiring way to parent. The changes in my four year old have been quite transformational so thank you so much Mojgan for bringing such peacefulness to my home.” Jane Manifold Parent