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A truly joyful and educational Virtues Facilitation program

I just wanted to thank you Mo​jg​an for a truly joyful and educational Virtues Facilitation program. Your approach to teaching embodies truth, sincerity, wisdom and orderliness. It​ has truly helped​ our team to adopt and put into practice the 5 ​S​tr​ategies​ of  the Virtues Project​ and empower us to pass this knowledge on by both teach and being ​virtuous. I would recommend Mojgan to any school, business or organisation who is seeking understanding and truth about the development of a powerful culture of care and wisdom. Wishing you all the best and hope to work with you more into the future. With Honesty Steven Farrugia CEO and Founder of ​Melbourne, Australia

Literally regenerated the relationship with my kids

“Mojgan did a wonderful job bringing our group together focusing on discovering and using the virtues in a way that will transform the way we behave as parents: to me the impact has been radical, in a way that literally regenerated the relationship with my kids. And here I am talking about a 2 year old and a 5 year old. And YES it does work and yes it is simple. Simple yet profoundly effective. I am now wondering at every opportunity to look for the gems in our children… and these gems do shine when they are looked at with our parental care and love. I am an entrepreneur, an educationist for the last 12 years, I have run hundreds of training and I … Read More

Everyone emerged from this workshop with more clarity

“Mojgan Tosif, master facilitator of the Virtues Project, conducted the Virtues Project workshop for our teachers from CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace in 2013. Her 4 sessions workshop was engaging and purposeful. Our staff enjoyed the array of hands on activities that led them to discover more about the Virtues Project. Our teachers also shared that the various tools and approaches shared by Mojgan would serve as useful guides when they integrate the Virtues Project into their lessons and daily interactions with their pupils. Through this meaningful journey, our teachers were able to address some common misconceptions about classroom management and discipline. Everyone emerged from this workshop with more clarity and empowerment on how we can use simple ways to create and sustain a … Read More

Your life will never be the same

“I didn’t know when I attended Mojgan’s Virtues Parenting workshop that my life was about to change forever. As Dan Popov said about The Virtues Project, ‘it is simple but profoundly simple.’ If you can learn to lead your life and raise your children in the spirit of The Virtues, your life will never be the same – it will be better than you ever imagined possible.” Kendra Frazier Counselor and parent

Gives light and hope to every educator seeking guidance

“The Virtues Project should be implemented in every school and family in Singapore. It gives light and hope to every educator seeking guidance in their role as teachers and parents. One of the most valuable message imparted to us at this workshop is that “All children are born with ALL the virtues, the gifts within, waiting to grow”. Thank you Mojgan and Jin Lan for sharing this great gift with us!” Claire Ho, Cherrybrook Kindergarten

Simple but highly effective universal concepts and strategies

“Thank you for being such an inspiring and dedicated mentor, for introducing us to these simple but highly effective universal concepts and strategies that really do work! Ron and I have tried to stick with it as much as possible, weaving the language of the virtues into our daily life at home and it’s wonderful to start seeing the positive effects. We focus on acknowledging virtues when we see them, setting boundaries and setting him up for success as well as spiritual companioning. For the last 6 months at bedtime we ‘talk about the day’ and select 3 virtues he has shown – he won’t go to bed without it! Now, he has also started to recognise the virtues eg. instead of telling him, “Remember … Read More