About Mojgan

mojgan-photo-300-morepaddingMojgan Tosif is a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project International. Through her services she inspires individuals to live more meaningful, joyful lives and assists families to bring up responsible children who lead lives of integrity. Beyond this she accompanies educators to create caring and high performing learning communities and helps leaders to inspire excellence in the workplace.

She has been conducting workshops for parents, teachers and schools for more than 19 years locally and internationally.  Since 2009, as the coordinator of the Values Education Program at the Saint Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School, she was responsible for the implementation of the Virtues Project in every aspect of the school curriculum. Operations were based upon the foundations of the Virtues Project, which included establishing behavior policy from Early Childhood to Upper Elementary, offering training for teachers in the program and workshops for parents.

As a classroom teacher Mojgan has taught in Australia and a number of International Schools for the past 20 years.  Having worked with children of all ages, she understands that education needs to be more than a homogenous curriculum. Her methods integrate character development into classroom teaching to equip her students with the qualities needed to have more joyful and meaningful lives. She is married with three kind and responsible grown up children.