About Mojgan


Mojgan Tosif was a classroom teacher for more than 20 years and taught in Australia and International schools. From her experience in various pedagogical systems, she recognizes the need for education to extend beyond a homogenous curriculum. When teaching children of varied ages, nationality and cultures, and as a parent of three children, she saw the need for education to take a more holistic view. She was driven to integrate character development into classrooms and her family life.

Through The Virtues ProjectTM, Mojgan found the tools she needed to empower teachers and parents, to equip students and children with the qualities they needed to have more joyful and meaningful lives.

As a Master Facilitator for the Virtues ProjectTM, Mojgan has been conducting workshops locally and internationally for parents, teachers and schools. She was the coordinator of the landmark ‘Values Education Program’ at St. Joseph’s International Elementary School in Singapore. This involved the implementation of the Virtues ProjectTM in every aspect of the school curriculum. This program now stands as a center of excellence for character education in Singapore, with similar programs now implemented widely through the private and public school systems in the country as a result.

Mojgan now travels between Singapore and Australia, conducting workshops with the aim of educating and inspiring teachers to create caring and high performing learning communities.  Her methods integrate character development into classroom teaching to equip her students with the qualities needed to have more joyful and meaningful lives.Her parenting workshops are aimed at showing parents how to bring up responsible and integrous children. She works with the business community to inspire excellence in the workplace.

 She is married with three kind and responsible grown up children.